Rotoprint Antex machines

Apparatus for printing in continuous of yarns with system cylinders.
Has over the years undergone constant evolution of technology.
It’s suitable for the realization of yarns printed with traits precise and regular in sequence.
Completely made of stainless steel with base and supporting strong structure is offered with system that only support printing cylinders that make efficient and accurate the use phase and the phase of extremely simple disassembly for cleaning replacement.
Three versions produced from 4 colors, 6 colors and in latest version 2012-8 colors to allow the machine to give true maximum production flexibility.
Rotoprint is supplied with a control panel with touch screen industrial PC with dedicated management software generation for the control of parameters. And the programming of the lenght of various colors in sequence.
The same software guarantees the possibility to save the machine parameters in the conditions of production of an article such as to allow the most absolute repeatibility of a same combination of color at different times.
The machine is supplied with classic printing cylinders, cylinders in optionals are available for specific types of work and special designs tailored.
The quality standards of the machine are high and the effects can produce are innovative and highly appreciated by yarns designers .
Rotoprint is the best machine installed in companies that produce printed quality yarns.



Rotoprint example 01
Rotoprint example 02
Rotoprint example 03
Rotoprint example 04


Rotoprint options


Rotoprint head Rotoprint tensioner
Rotoprint control panel Rotoprint monitor

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